Rule changes for 2020

-         All of these rule changes will be posted under the 2020 Rules tab but I wanted to show all the new changes here.


-         The 14 rings will be in play for the bonus target. (Clubs will have this posted to remind everyone)


-         Shooter of the year awards will be presented with medals, still have to be apart of a club to win


-         This year we will be doing raffle drawings at the end of the season (bowhunter blowout). We already have 3 sponsors including Shrewd, and WickStick Stabilizers, with more coming!


-         There will be 10 levels of prizes given out by various sponsors for attending shoots. Each shoot you attend and submit a score earns a point. Ex: If you attend 5 shoots, you will have your name placed once in the first 5 levels of incentives. Attend 10 shoots, your name will be placed once in every level of drawings.


-         Prizes will be announced as we obtain them with level 1 being a smaller prize and the value increasing as the levels go up. You DO NOT have to be a member of a club to win any of the drawings.


-         If you win Shooter of the Year in your class, you will be able to add your name 5 times to any level of the prizes. (Can put them all in one level or spread them out, your choice). If you finish 2nd, you get to add your name 3 times, 3rd gets you 1 extra name in any of the level or drawings.